What genre of film are you looking for?

The United Film Festivals have no criteria for genre or subject matter. We aim to showcase diverse voices and themes in all of our festivals. Our festivals include an even number of narratives and documentaries and are open to films in any genre on any topic, from horror to family-friendly animation and everything in between.


How often are check-ins done on Withoutabox.com?

Check-ins to WAB will be done once a month.


What constitutes a short film/full-length film?

SHORT FILMS – should be under 45 minutes

FULL-LENGTH DOCUMENTARIES or FEATURE FILMS – should be over 45 minutes


Can I submit a DVD for my submission or does it need to be an online screener?

You can only submit with a SECURE ONLINE SCREENER.


Is my film eligible if it has already had its premiere? What if it already has any form of distribution?

Yes. The United Film Festivals do not disqualify any film based on premiere or distribution status.


I applied to a United package. If I am accepted into one festival, am I automatically accepted to all six? Likewise, if I am rejected from one festival, am I out of the running for the rest of the competition?

Each festival has a fresh lineup and a different set of programmers. If your film is not accepted into one of our festivals, it is still eligible for acceptance into every other festival.