New York Showcase


When your future literally hinges on one audition, can you handle the pressure? Some of the students from the incredible new documentary ‘New York Showcase’ won’t be able to. This film highlights one of the biggest events in the life of any actor, a showcase. The casting and rehearsal for a showcase leads to one goal, getting seen. Hundreds of recent graduates come to one place to perform for a chance to secure an agent and ultimately perform on Broadway.

Reminiscent of many experiences expressed in the musical ‘A Chorus Line,’ this documentary offers a look into the lives of fresh talent with a dream to sing and dance for the rest of their lives. The trials, the fear, and the anticipation make for an extremely compelling 86 minutes.

‘New York Showcase’ will be showing at United Film Festival – New York on Wednesday, May 16th at 9:30pm at Cobble Hill Cinemas.

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