Mission and Objective of United Film Festival


On the eve of United Film Fest 2013 – Los Angeles we would like to take a moment share with you why we, United Films, do what we love to do for you, our film peers.

The United Film Festival is a distinct division of United Films, Inc., which aims to unite time-honored wisdom and innovative perspective in order to create, curate, and connect modern independent films with a global audience.

The United Film Festival screens high-quality independent feature films, documentaries, and short films of all genres. And as a celebration of our love for the rich history of filmmaking, we always screen a variety of classic motion pictures that have helped to define this incredible industry.

In addition to our screenings, we frequently bring in legendary filmmakers and actors each year to be a part of the festivities. Our festivals are always exciting events filled with insightful Q&As, and provide many opportunities for networking and interaction between filmmakers and audiences alike.

United Films has always been committed to expanding its relationship with its filmmakers beyond the film festival. To this end, we have infused several key components into the heart of our company, which we believe will help us improve upon those relationships in very significant ways: A few of the components include:

*United Film Festival Screenwriting Contest

*Collaborative Partnerships

*Sales Representation/Distribution