London Festival Update


The festival in London is underway! The Queen’s Jubilee holiday is bringing such a festive spirit to our screenings, and we are thrilled to be meeting so many wonderful filmgoers. After an incredible opening night, we are so excited to see what the rest of the festival brings. As a tribute to our London location, we opened the festival with two local films. Both features screening, Leila and Stealing Elvis, were made by filmmakers from the area. This was a fantastic way to begin our festival and the turnout was amazing!

Screenings today have already begun on London time, including Bed Stuy: Do or Die and New York Showcase. Tonight we will be showing two fantastic films, Superheroes and Act Naturally. With filmmakers present tonight, we are looking forward to some wonderful Q&As that you will not want to miss. Tickets are still available for these screenings, purchase them here!