LA Festival Update

The United Film Festival – Los Angeles is in full swing and so far the screenings have been incredible. To give you an update on everything you missed, let’s start from the beginning. After hearing all the great things that are happening you will most definitely want to buy your tickets immediately.

After our wonderful Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony to kickoff our 2012 season, we moved to the Los Feliz 3 Cinemas for our first screenings on Friday evening. We began with a short block called ‘Love and Romance,’ appropriately titled. Three fantastic shorts, ‘Gemalogia,’ ‘Love After Sunrise,’ and ‘Okechukwu’ screened to wonderful reviews. As early as 6:15 people were lining up for our 7:00 screening, ‘Act Naturally’ and the film played to a packed house followed by a great Q&A with the cast and crew. By 9:30 our audiences were ready for ‘The Horror of Barnes Folly,’ which also brought in a great crowd. Our midnight classic screenings of ‘Gremlins’ and ‘The Fly,’ brought nostalgic feelings as audiences came out to enjoy two great films.

Over the weekend we moved into our busiest days with five feature screenings each day. On Saturday we screened ‘To Make A Farm,’ ‘We’re Getting On,’ ‘Fools On The Hill,’ ‘Supporting Characters,’ and ‘It’s In The Blood.’ Each feature brought a really dynamic and interesting crowd of people. The feature screenings each included a set of short films which all played before the feature. If any filmmakers from the shorts were there, we gave them the opportunity to hold a Q&A. The Q&As continued with the features, which offered a fascinating opportunity to hear from the filmmakers themselves.

On Sunday we had a day of amazing documentaries. First was the screening of ‘Erasing Hate,’ followed by the hilarious and heartfelt documentary about Jim Breuer called ‘More Than Me.’ For our afternoon showing we were beyond thrilled to screen ‘Of Two Minds’ to a completely sold out house. We even had to sell standing room only seats! After that we screened ‘New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art,’ followed by the final screening of the evening, a great horror flick called ‘Dead Inside.’

We are now gearing up for a whole new week of screenings, and we would love for you to be there! Click here to view our schedule and buy tickets today!