Fast Talk


Everyone has an opinion these days. To some, their opinion is the right one. To a debater, their opinion is the only one. In her documentary, ‘Fast Talk,’ Debra Tolchinksy follows the debate team from Northwestern University for a year, ending up with footage that will surprise any audience.

The intense pressure of the debate is something that becomes clear within the documentary. The amount of information that these young people attempt to impart each minute is almost unimaginable. Rhetoric becomes their life, and speed becomes the only way to live it. After winning the National Debate Tournament the year before the film was shot, Tolchinsky catches the team at a delicate time as defending champions. The stress that comes from that fact alone could be ultimately crippling to any team, especially one so highly regarded.

‘Fast Talk’ will be showing at United Film Festival – New York on Sunday, May 13th at 12:00pm.


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