5 Days in Denver


In a intense and dynamic look at the modern protest, 5 Days in Denver documents the story of a group called “Re-create 68.” During the Democratic Convention in 2008, this group set out to show American government that they wanted change. Staging protests in the self-proclaimed style of the 60’s, people spent 5 days in the city fighting against federal court orders and police action. What resulted was an extremely interesting display of citizens fighting for their right to speak out.

In fascinating interviews with these modern protestors, people ranging young to old defend their right to the first amendment. It is interesting to witness people who are so different in age, race, and religion join together to defend a common cause. You will not want to miss this documentary, it will capture your attention instantly and make you truly question what you believe about modern political structure.

5 Days in Denver will be showing at the United Film Festival – New York on Sunday, May 13th at 7:00pm.


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