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Submissions for our 2012 season are now open. You may submit your film directly to us by selecting an option here and filling at the submission form at the bottom of the page. We accept the following categories:
  - Feature-length Narratives of any genre or topic (over 30 minutes)
  - Feature-length Documentaries of any genre or topic (over 30 minutes)
  - Short Films (under 30 minutes) in the following categories: Narratives, Documentaries,     Animated Films, and Music Videos.

We are interested in viewing all films regardless of the genre or topic. If you do not feel your film fits into any of the above categories, please pick the one that you feel suits your film closest.

Submit your film to a Single City by clicking that city's link, or to one of our United packages by following the directions below.

  Los Angeles
  New York
  San Francisco


In an effort to make submission fees more affordable to filmmakers and also allow them an opportunity to gain exposure in our multiple festivals we're offering Package Deals (see below for details).


Each festival has a different set of programmers and therefore if your film doesn't make it into one festival that doesn't necessarily mean it won't play in another. Each festival has a unique lineup that is tailor made for that particular city.


To help filmmakers get a better understanding of our programming system, we're now offering them Film Feedback. This is a service that is designed to give filmmakers valuable insight from our programmers. This could be used to make the film better or simply validate what you already know. Either way it could prove to be a helpful tool if you choose to include it.


Film Feedback Breakdown

Production Value, Design, Writing, Cinematography/Editing, Acting (Narratives), Originality & Subject Matter (Documentaries), and Overall Rating.

Feedback will be received at the end of each festival season.




Short Films
Feature Length Films
3 Festivals = $35 ($11.66 each)

3 Festivals = $65 ($21.66 each)

6 Festivals = $50 ($8.34 each)

6 Festivals = $110 ($18.34 each)

*If you submit to a United 3 package, you choose the three festivals in your package. Please let us know by including your choice on your submission form and on your submission DVD. You may also contact us via e-mail.

*If you submit to a Single City and would like to upgrade to a package, contact us directly. We will facilitate this and can apply any submission fees already paid toward the package of your choice.


Short Films
Feature Length Films


* This option is for filmmakers who have already submitted.



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United Film Festivals
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Los Angeles, CA 90036


*If you would rather pay with check or money order please make payable to:
Connell Creations, Inc.



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