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What genre of film are you looking for?

The United Film Festivals have no criteria for genre or subject matter. We aim to showcase diverse voices and themes in all of our festivals. Our festivals include an even number of narratives and documentaries and are open to films in any genre on any topic, from horror to family-friendly animation and everything in between.


How do I choose which festival(s) to submit to? What is different/unique about each festival?

The United Film Festivals offer a fresh lineup in each city, but every festival maintains the same high standard for original work and the same emphasis on showcasing diverse films and filmmakers. If you are having trouble deciding which festival or festivals to submit to, we suggest you check the dates of the festivals in relation to possible travel arrangements or premiere statuses. The United Festivals vary in length. Typically, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York are week-long festivals and Tulsa and London are shorter festivals.


Is my film eligible if it has already had its premiere? What if it already has any form of distribution?

Yes. The United Film Festivals do not disqualify any film based on premiere or distribution status.


I want to submit six films to one festival. Can I take advantage of a United 6 package?

No. Our packages apply to one submission in consideration for multiple festivals.


What is the difference between applying via your website and applying via Withoutabox?

Withoutabox is an excellent site that we partner with to help facilitate submissions for filmmakers who may be submitting their film to multiple festivals. The fees and deadlines are the same and there is no advantage to either option.


If I submit to a United 3 or 6 Package, do I need to send multiple DVDs?

NO. We only require one copy of your submission even if you apply to a United 6 package. We take on the responsibility of distributing your submission to the programming committees for each city. Please do NOT send multiple DVDs.


Who do I make my check or money order out to?

Please address all forms of payment to Connell Creations, Inc.


I am applying to a United Package via Withoutabox. I paid for the package in one city. How do I avoid having to pay in multiple cities?

Due to the unorthodox nature of our packages, Withoutabox does not yet fully support our multi-festival system. To apply for a United 3 or United 6 Package, submit your film in the first city you would like to be considered in and pay for the entire package in that city. Then, for the other cities in your package, you will need to utilize a waiver code so you do not incur any other fees. The waiver code is simply the name of your package deal (United 3 OR United 6). Under the box marked ‘Reason’ provide the WithoutaBox tracking number of the initial festival you submitted to. See the example below: 

Example Only
Waiver Code: United 3
Reasonl: LA-1234-SHO


I want to apply for a United 3 or United 6 Package, however some of the deadlines have already passed. Is this still possible?

The price of our United 3 or United 6 Package does not change over the course of our season and you may purchase our packages at any time. No matter what individual festival you purchase your package in, as soon as we receive your submission your eligibility begins with the first open festival. Your package will then roll over to include the following year's season to ensure you are eligible for all six festivals. If you purchase a United 3 package, you choose the festivals that you would like to be considered for, which can also roll over to include next year's season if multiple deadlines have passed for our current season. 


I applied to a United package. If I am accepted into one festival, am I automatically accepted to all six? Likewise, if I am rejected from one festival, am I out of the running for the rest of the competition?

Each festival has a fresh lineup and a different set of programmers. If your film is not accepted into one of our festivals, it is still eligible for acceptance into every other festival in your package.


Can I upgrade my submission to a United Package retroactively?

Yes, you may upgrade to a United package at anytime during the festival season. Simply e-mail with your tracking number and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the fee.


Can I purchase Feedback for my submission retroactively?

Yes, you may add on our Feedback option at anytime during the festival season. This option is available through our website.


What does Feedback look like? When will I receive my feedback?
We promise to send your Feedback approximately 30-90 days from the Notification Date of the festival or, if your Feedback was added retroactively, 30-90 days from the date of your purchase. If you purchase the United 3 or 6 Feedback option, you will receive Feedback from each festival over the course of the year approximately 30-90 days from each festival’s Notification Date. A form with detailed programmer’s comments will be sent via e-mail to the address you used to purchase the feedback option.


What should I do if the Notification Date has passed and I have not received anything from The United Film Festivals?

Quick and consistent communication with filmmakers is a priority for us. If you believe you should have received a Notification from us about the status of your submission, check your Spam or Junk folder for an e-mail from . If you have not received anything, please e-mail us and we will resend your Notification immediately.


I am broke! Is it possible to receive a fee waiver?

We understand your position and definitely do what we can to work with filmmakers, but submissions are the only revenue we have to run the festival, so we are rarely able to offer waivers. However, we offer some incredible submission specials for the United Film Festivals if you submit to a United 6 Package (making you eligible for all six festivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tulsa, Chicago, New York, and London) or a United 3 Package (making you eligible for three festivals of your choosing.)


I’m interested in Distribution. What do I need to provide?

If you are interested in communicating with us regarding distribution, please send a trailer and synopsis of your film to . We may then request additional materials. We also encourage those interested in distribution to submit to one or more of our United Film Festivals, as they offer great exposure and opportunities to filmmakers.


I have a question regarding billing on my Withoutabox submission, or I am experiencing a technical issue uploading my Secure Online Screener on Withoutabox.

Withoutabox is an excellent third party site that we partner with to help facilitate submissions. Unfortunately, we cannot help with billing or technical questions related to Withoutabox. Please contact them directly at or (818) 464-4820.


If your question was not answered above, please e-mail and we promise to reply to you within 48 hours. Thank you!



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