Short Film Block – Family

12:00 PM

Los Feliz 3


Short Film


The Elephant: A fusion of words and cinematography describing the hardships of motherhood and an impossible decision a mother had to make to conserve her family. The Elephant is a trip into a story of love, sacrifice and a family bond left unbreakable through hell or hot water. The circumstances that lie behind this brave act and the family that is forever changed because of it.

Sarah’s Wish: When Henry agrees to help his ex-wife, Sarah, celebrate her birthday, old wounds quickly surface, forcing both to reassess their beliefs about faith and forgiveness.

Butterfly: A father is pushed to the brink after he learns of his daughter’s worsened heart condition and his only hope is a poker game that plays for human organs.

Shape of Things To Come: The film gives viewers an exhilarating and heartwarming glimpse into the life of Nick Zammuto, professional recording artist as he balances his passion for music with his devotion to his growing family. The first part of the documentary focuses on life at the Zammuto homestead in rural Vermont as he and his wife expect their third child. It resumes six months later as Zammuto’s new band prepares for its first show at Mass MoCa.

Hi, Lillian: Lillian (Pat Crawford Brown), a lonely elderly woman grieving over the loss of her dog and condescended to by her family, discovers a warm and accepting community in an unlikely place. In order to remain in her newfound family, she must rely on the resources of her beautiful but troubled neighbor, Claire (Carolyn Ratteray).


The Elephant: Ruba Zarour

Sarah’s Wish: Wolfgang Bodison

Shape of Things To Come: Matt Day

Hi, Lillian: Douglas Wood


The Elephant: Ruba Zarour

Sarah’s Wish: Wolfgang Bodison, Valerie Henderson

Butterfly: J.R. Curry

Shape of Things To Come: Matt Day

Hi, Lillian: Jennifer Clymer, Douglas Wood


Sarah’s Wish: Tony Savant, Holly Gagnier, Jack Savant

Butterfly: J.R. Curry, Kevin Natera

Shape of Things To Come: Nick Zammuto

Hi, Lillian: Pat Crawford Brown, Carolyn Ratteray

Running Time
81 min

Playing With


Sarah’s Wish: Cast/Crew in Attendance

Butterfly: Cast/Crew in Attendance

Shape of Things To Come: Director in Attendance

Hi, Lillian: Director in Attendance