Short Film Block – Dark Tales

5:15 PM

Los Feliz 3 Cinemas



Bad And Classic (7 min): When a Senator needs her controversial daughter to disappear, she calls on two goons from a Craigslist ad. Together, Vincent and Craig concoct a plan so foolproof, only they could screw it up. Sanitation masks, rope, hot pockets, and titty magazines. All part of the slick, stylized ride that is both ‘Bad and Classic.’Harvest (10 min): Lost in a dark and endless cornfield, a young girl must overcome her illusive grasp of reality in order to save her brother from a more tangible threat. Crosshairs (12 min): Beau and Jamie, two brothers from a rural West Australian town, are caught poaching a lamb from a neighbouring property. When Beau refuses to go quietly his younger brother becomes a pawn in a violent showdown. Beyond The Line (18.5 min): Little Louisa has been kidnapped. The two police officers Amir and Niko have threatened the suspect who will not speak and have been suspended from service. The alleged culprit has been set free. The two policemen are in a hopeless situation. If they want to find the girl alive they have to take drastic measures.

Bad And Classic: John Redlinger; Harvest: Sam Shapson; Crosshairs: Mike Hoath; Beyond The Line: Matthias Starte



Running Time
47.5 min

Playing With

Filmmakers in Attendance: Bad & Classic, Harvest