LA Festival 2012: A Success!


First we would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the United Film Festival – Los Angeles this year. It was the best festival we have had in LA thus far, and we hope it only continues to grow from here. The fantastic turnout of filmmakers and audiences only solidified the fact that the support for the festival is stronger than ever before. We would like to congratulate all the filmmakers who screened at the festival, we were extremely impressed with the quality of all the films and felt honored to show them.

As the festival came to a close last week, it was incredible to see how many people flocked to celebrate with us on the last night. The closing night of the festival drew the biggest crowds and some of the most lively screenings of the whole event. It began with a wonderful short film block by the filmmakers of Finite Films. Three of their short films screened to a great crowd. The festivities continued with the screening of GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Not only was this screening close to the United Film Festival, the film was produced by Founder Jason Connell, over twenty of the original stars of GLOW were in attendance! The house was packed with people standing in the back to witness this documentary about these amazing women and their stories. The Q&A after the screening was perhaps one of the most dynamic of the festival. The fact that many of the stars of the were there to share their opinions about the film made it a fascinating event for all involved.

After the GLOW screening, we were proud to continue with the Awards Ceremony for the festival. Filmmakers were awarded for their submissions, as well as screenwriters from the Screenwriting Contest. We were also able to announce the Audience Award Winners throughout the night as ballots were counted. The evening concluded with a great screening of New York Showcase, a documentary about young performers hoping to make it on Broadway. After the final film, everyone involved with the festival headed to the after party at a local spot called The Dresden. It was a fantastic evening to celebrate all the hard work and success of the festival.

After such an amazing time here in Los Angeles, we hope to continue the success for the entire 2012 season. The United Film Festival – New York opens this Friday, May 11th at the Cobble Hill Cinemas. We will see you there for more fantastic screenings and events with our filmmakers!